Boys & Girls Clubs of Citrus County History


The Boys & Girls Clubs of Citrus County, Inc. was incorporated on March 16, 1992.  The organizers saw the Club as a tool in our community's effort to combat youth unrest, which they saw, manifested in high youth crime rates.  With the proven success formula of the national organization of the Boys & Girls Clubs of America to use as a guide, it was felt that a local Club would help plant seeds to help local boys and girls make appropriate and satisfying choices in their physical, educational, personal, social, emotional and vocational lives.  The Club is positioned in the community to provide programs to young people that are distinguished from what they get elsewhere - in school, at home, in church, in other private agencies or in public recreation.  The Club is for boys & girls ages 6-18, it has full-time professional leadership, it assures that all girls and boys can afford to belong, is building centered, is non-sectarian, has an open door policy, and has a varied and diversified program that is guidance oriented.


Every government agency has targeted youth problems as a major concern and an area to support.  Unfortunately our small county has staggering statistics on the number of juveniles in trouble within the school and justice system.  We understand the incarceration of one youth offender in Citrus County costs the taxpayers $40,000 a year.  Fortunately for the citizens, our Club provides a cost efficient program in place, attempting to intervene before a child becomes such a costly liability to the taxpayers.


The Boys & Girls Clubs of Citrus County provides an option for children who might commit acts against society and a safe haven for a tremendous number of "latch key" kids.  With three locations, the Club is utilized by youth through all of Citrus County.   Like our school census, a vast number of members are from blue-collar families and 70% from single working parent households.


                        Crystal River Club

3/16/92            Crystal River Club opened

6/5/09              Crystal River Club closed after 17 years




                        Homosassa Club

9/2/97              Homosassa Site opened at the Homosassa Civic Club

9/24/99            Homosassa Site moved to New Covenant Church of God, Homosassa

11/200             Moved to Homosassa Elementary School

7/06/01            Moved to purchased building at 8535 Goodman Lane, Homosassa

                       Club now called Westside Club

2/16/11            Renamed Robert Halleen Club



                         Inverness Club

9/8/98              Inverness Site opened at the Inverness Middle School

2/16/99            Inverness Site moved to First Lutheran Church - Youth House

7/04/04            Moved to 2220 W Main St., Inverness

6/8/09              Moved to 401 N. Apopka Ave., Inverness

9/15/09           Renamed Evelyn Waters Club


                        Central Ridge Club

6/8/09              Central Ridge Club opened at 901W. Roosevelt Blvd., Beverly Hills