Many times, BGCCC has volunteer opportunities available. Boys & Girls Clubs offer an opportunity for you to see your investment at work and a chance to join a team of caring people dedicated to helping the children of Citrus
County reach their full potential. Share your expertise and talents by creating a special project for members to enjoy at a club, tutor, help with homework or computers, play games, chaperone an event, or simply hang out with the kids, letting them know you like and accept them as they are. Call the Club Directors at the club house closest to you. They will explain what you need to do to be able to volunteer. Contact our Corporate Office at 352-621-9225 for more information.


Download our Volunteer Application

If you are interested in working with kids on a part time or full time basis as a volunteer, fill out an application and we will get in touch.


Board of Directors Application 

If you have a desire to make an impact on a grand scale by serving as a volunteer as a board member, fill out an application.