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It seems like the hot topic on most people’s minds when it comes to schools, extracurricular activities, and after care programs is SAFETY; and rightfully so. We all want to know that our child is in the safest possible place when they’re not under our (the parent) supervision. Here are a few things the Boys & Girls Clubs do to provide the safest; most impactful after school program possible.

  1. Background Screening: Each new employee goes through a rigorous background screening process that includes Level 2 Florida Department of Law Enforcement (FDLE) background screening. Background checks include, but are not limited to, checks of an employee’s driver’s license, National Sex Offender search, state and federal criminal records, and finger printing. Anyone who is allowed to walk past our security doors or is involved in our Clubs including volunteers and board members is annually background screened.

  2. Random Drug Screenings: Before a new staff can start, they must pass a drug screening. We also do random drug screenings throughout the year.

  3. Health Physicals for Approved Drivers: Each staff that is responsible for driving children goes through a health physical and is approved before being allowed to drive.

  4. Secure Entrance to Clubs: Each of our Clubs now has a secure entrance to the building that restricts who can enter the building. These security doors serve as a barrier for outside people and our children.

  5. ID Approved Pickups: Each person that comes to pick up a child from our Clubs has to provide an approved state Identification card and they must be approved by the parent to pick up the child.

  6. Supervision Ratios: At each Club we maintain a 1 staff to 15 student ratio. These ratios allow our staff to have greater supervision; and subsequently able to provide a higher level of care and impact. When off campus, that ratio drops to 1 staff to 10 children to provide increased supervision.

  7. Inspections: Annually the Boys & Girls Clubs of Citrus County is inspected by the fire marshal and local health department inspection.

  8. Staff Training: Annually each staff is required to complete various trainings that benefit safety and quality of programming at the Club including CPR, First Aide, driver safety, and program implementation.

  9. Annual Safety Assessment: Boys & Girls Clubs of Citrus County has a safety committee that reviews immediate needs, opportunities for improvements, and long term needs of each facility to ensure safety. Security assessments are also conducted by local law enforcement that sit on that committee.

  10. Mandatory Reporting: Boys & Girls Clubs of Citrus County employees are mandatory reporters and must report any suspicion of physical abuse, sexual abuse, neglect, and emotional abuse. Annually staff are trained on spotting various types of abuse but more importantly trained to report if suspicion arises.


Boys & Girls Clubs of Citrus County acknowledges the world is an ever-changing series of obstacles and we must be ever vigilant of the safety of our members. Boys & Girls Clubs are in a constant state of adaptation and assessment to safeguard we are operating safely and with the member’s needs in mind. If you have questions about safety, you may contact us at for more information.

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